Thursday, 17 August 2017

William Pike

A few days ago William Pike came to visit our class for the second time. He Was climbing Mt Ruapehu about 10 years ago. It erupted while he was there, causing 60 olympic sized swimming pools worth of rock and debris to come crashing down onto the mountain. Unfortunately he and his friend were sleeping in that hut at the same time. Their hut basically got demolished by the rock and a rock landed on William's leg crushing it. 

He had to get his right leg amputated. If he didn't get it amputated he would have died. But he survived! That hasn't stopped him living life to the fullest and he still want to climb to the top of the mountain. He hasn't succeeded yet but everytime he is getting further and further up. He has created the William Pike Challenge Award which our classes year seven and eights are involved in. I am excited to do this challenge and hopefully at high school we do something similar.

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  1. Hi Cayde, This is a really interesting blog post. I really enjoyed reading the detail about William's background and what he is doing now. It was also great to read that this is something you'd like to do in high school. What are you doing in order to complete the Challenge Award?
    From Mrs Spragg