Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Children and Young Adults Book Awards

Today our whole class went to the children and young adults book awards. It was at the St Margaret's College Auditorium. It was a good day and we got to see 6 New Zealand book writers, all of which are finalists in the NZ Book Awards.

The first Author was Tania Roxborough. She lives in Lincoln and she works at lincoln High as a english teacher. She is a children’s writer. One book that i know was 15 minute Shakespeare. Some of her books include Limelight, Space Gum and Banquo’s Son. She has written a 25 books.

My Favorite person was Des Hunt. He is a well respected educationalist who has written a series of environmental adventures. He used to be a teacher but now he just writes stores. Sunken Forest is his book. It is based 60 years ago. It is based on him when he was 13 years. He went to a Summer Camp and Lake Waikaremoana. It is a great walk of NZ (I would like to walk it). The lake itself was formed by an earthquake and so there is sunken forest. There is also eels that come out of the water. They are trapped there, so they come by people bringing them there. He led us through the process he went through and included a balloon to demonstrate tension. It was a good time watching him. He was very funny.

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