Wednesday, 20 September 2017

E-asttle Writing for term 3

This is my E-asttle writing for term 3. I think that I did really well in the time that I had. I based the story like there was a news reporter in the room who was talking to these 3 guys. 
I hope that you enjoy my writing!

Ahh the forest, such a happy place, well at least we thought that. ‘This is our gang, Tim, Zach and Cayde’. ‘We are monster hunters’. ‘Have you ever seen that tv show where people hunt monsters’? ‘Well that is us’! ‘We have to change our names though for the show’. ‘But getting back to the point, this is the story of how scared we were and excited we were about going to this forest’.

‘It started like this: There was a complaint about something eating this guys chickens, so we decided to check it out. Tim drove us to the forest, (he is a really good driver), and we hopped out, well  ya know, like most people would if they were excited about going to an unknown forest’. ‘As soon as we got out fog started to surround us and everything started to get damp’.

‘It felt weird it was like something knew we where here and it wanted us’. ‘Zach being zach, was always excited about hunts when we discussed it at home but as soon as he got out of the truck, he was always talking about how he wanted to go home, and how this was such a bad idea’.

‘We started to walk into the forest’. ‘There was lots of loud creaking in the forest’. ‘So much at one point it made our camera man kyle jump and almost drop his camera’! ‘The night came over quick, and now we had split up and were lying in twigs or in Tim’s case, behind an old abandoned lodge’.

‘Then we heard something’. ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch’. ‘Something was definitely moving out there’. ‘There was a howl, then a groan’. ‘Zac had set traps before the sun went down’. ‘We heard a gate crash, then an angry bark, then whimpering’. ‘This was our chance’. ‘We all raced to the trap’.  ‘There was something in there’. ‘ I turned on my torch’.

‘Hey what’s this doing out here’!? ‘We had caught a pitbull’. ‘It was a little bit on the skinny side but it was healthy’. ‘Luckily Zach had brought a dog lead, and a collar, so we were set to get the dog out’. ‘I opened the cage and the dog stepped out and the dog jumped up at us’!

‘But unexpectedly it started licking our faces’. ‘We let it down and put the collar and lead on it’. ‘We walked back to the truck with the dog, went back to the house, fed the dog, and then went to sleep for the night’. ‘We then woke up and came here to tell you our story’. ‘Thankyou’.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cybersmart today is about...

Netiquette! Netiquette means internet etiquette.  So instead of opening doors for people, you are to be nice to every single person on the net. You never swear or talk disrespectfully online because you could get banned from whatever you are on or something could happen to you along those lines.
Here is a mindmup about the do's and dont's of Netiquette.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Student Toolkit

Yesterday (Wednesday) there was a student toolkit being placed at Hornby Primary School. Yaldhurst was invited to this toolkit. My group made a slideshow about how to make a ScreenCastify. When we presented it, it felt weird. We were a little shy but we got through it. I wish that we made our slide a little longer and we spoke more clearly. Other than that it was a good day and I would like to do it next time. Here is our slide:

Here is some photos:

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Speech: Riverwater and Water Pollution

This is my speech. It is about riverwater and the water pollution. It was a fun speech to write and I wish I had wrote a little more. But it was awesome! Here is my speech.

Hi I am Cayde. I am here today to tell you about river water and water pollution. Before I start I just want you to think. What do you think about Christchurch’s rivers? Do they have good or bad water quality? Usually, the first river that comes to your head is the Waimakariri.

It is Canterbury's most well known river. It is the freshest of fresh rivers. The water is clear and the fish taste good, (But that is if you manage to get one). There is almost no boat pollution because the water flows really fast and the sand filters clean it out. I would easily have a swim in this river. But what about the next river?

The selwyn river. That river is almost the complete opposite to the Waimakariri. The water is not very clear in most of it, not all parts of this river are bad but it has a reputation for having bad water quality. There is algae growing in the river, and I definitely wouldn’t want to eat the fish from that river. Plus the river has being slowly drying up for ages now.

According to with the high E.coli levels and toxic algae warnings, it is tough to find a safe spot to have a swim in the Selwyn river. They also said that the water quality grading of the Selwyn River at the Selwyn Huts has been very poor for years. That is pretty bad. C’mon guys I think we can do better.

There has been some talk of making canals from the waimakariri to the selwyn river. I think that that is a good idea. Because the river would have a flow and then the water quality would be much better meaning that I might just consider eating the fish from it. And maybe swimming will be an option. But there is still the job of removing the algae. It Should be fine.

I think it would be worth it because; well first  it would obviously stop the complaining from the locals. I mean jeez give the government a break, they deal with enough already. And I think that getting the selwyn river right will cost less to do then all of those Auckland things that they are doing. But hey, If we want to swim in the river, Improve the environment and catch some good fish, I think it’s money well spent. Thank you.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

William Pike

A few days ago William Pike came to visit our class for the second time. He Was climbing Mt Ruapehu about 10 years ago. It erupted while he was there, causing 60 olympic sized swimming pools worth of rock and debris to come crashing down onto the mountain. Unfortunately he and his friend were sleeping in that hut at the same time. Their hut basically got demolished by the rock and a rock landed on William's leg crushing it. 

He had to get his right leg amputated. If he didn't get it amputated he would have died. But he survived! That hasn't stopped him living life to the fullest and he still want to climb to the top of the mountain. He hasn't succeeded yet but everytime he is getting further and further up. He has created the William Pike Challenge Award which our classes year seven and eights are involved in. I am excited to do this challenge and hopefully at high school we do something similar.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Author Visit!

Yesterday we had a Author come in to our class. His name is Bill Ngalekerke. He was a cool author, He knew a bit of magic and at the end he showed us his trick. He is Dutch so he is a Dutch writer and translator because he speaks very good kwinglish. But he has written most of his books in english. At first he did a lesson with us about the Greek language and how there sounds for the letters, sound like ours. Photos are down below.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Week 4 Timetable

This is my week 4 timetable. during the week you will see that there will be green, yellow or red boxes. The green means that I have done everything to a high standard. The yellow means that I have done a little bit but I got distracted, and finally red means that I did not do any work.