Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Magic Box

I will put in my box poem.

I will put into my box,
Rushing water from the Waimakariri river,
A ball that goes into a basket,
The growling lava of a Volcano,
I will put into my box,
A Dreamless Dream that is a reality,
The leaves of a silver fern,
The glow of the full moon at night,

I will put into my box,
The biggest pounamu stone in the whole of Aotearoa,
The best smelling chips in the whole world,
The sound of waves crashing on the beach like a Metal door closing,

I will put into my box,
The sweetest lollie in the world,
The fastest Porsche Carrera that is as fast as a jet,
A Broken Bike Brake,

My Box is fashioned from polished timber that has been glued together to make a wonderful glow, it has model cars on the lid and can sit anyway you want it.

I shall drive in my box

The fastest car in the world, along the world's longest race track for all eternity, to get faster and faster every time.

Monday, 27 November 2017

My A&P Show Presentation

Last week Rimu got given a task to create the '2018 A&P show'. It was as if we were the organisers of it for next year. The activities I completed in order were History, Photo Book, Recount and a marketing campaign. 
Here is my work that I have don. I have included links.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My A&P Recount and Photo Story

First of all  we drove to the A&P show. My mum Shukoor, Zach,  Isaac and me  walked over to the food tent and we went through trying different foods and sauces. We met an awesome guy called the saucerer who gave us three different sauces to try. They went from sweet to a little hot to very hot. But they were all nice. When we finished he gave us his business card (which happened to be sauce). Then we tried some other foods and sauces and we left the food tent.

Next we went to see the dirt bikes.  We could hear them from a very long way away. They were as loud as a lion roaring.  It turns out that the majority of them were 2 strokes, so that’s why they were so loud!  After we looked at the dirt bikes, we moved on and we saw Ling and Zing from the block, we got a photo with them. After that we went and played the More FM mini golf. We got a pack of chips at the end. Then we headed to the horse track to meet with the other groups and ate lunch.

After that, we went and looked at the animals. There were Horses that were as tall as trees, Cows, Sheep, Roosters and Chickens. When we finished with the animals, we went and watched the wood chopping. It was super cool. After a couple of events they were taking a 10 minute break to set things up so we went and and looked for snow cones. We finally found a snow cone stall we ordered our cones and headed back to the wood chopping, watched the doubles and then went home. It was a really fun day.      

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Rain Maker

Yesterday Rimu had the task of writing a Narrative story. We continued the story from a short film that we were watching ( the video down below ). The story was about the sea had dried up and a girl made a powder to make water when she found a cloud. We had to make a beginning, a middle and a end. The process I went through was: watching a section of the movie, planning, writing, proofreading, editing, and finally putting it on my blog. I hope that you like my story and remember to give my feedback please!

 The RainMaker
This is what used to be an ocean, now it is a big yellow desert. Maybe if you looked to your left you would see and aircraft carrier, and if you looked to your right you would see a submarine. Anyway I am here to restore the water to the sea. I have made a rain maker machine to help restore the water, but I need a cloud. So here I am, flying in a plane, looking for clouds.

I am flying around, searching for any signal of a cloud in the sky. I think that there is no hope and that I should stop what I am doing and quit. Then something catches my eye. The lighthouse is flashing, I follow the light gaze. I see it, a cloud. Wide awake, I get my machine ready to use and I head straight for the cloud.

Now I am almost at the cloud. My machine is ready. I fly through the cloud and deploy my machine. To my amazement, it works! The cloud expands and then it starts raining. What an amazing sight! After a while there is water covering the ground in the soon to be ocean. 1 week later the water in the sea is full, the boats are floating, and the rain cloud is receding. 5 years after this it seems like it never happened, everything is normal.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How to add Fractions with different numerators.

How to add fractions.
This is a short tutorial on how to add fractions. I hope you learn something from this and please leave feedback.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

E-asttle Writing for term 3

This is my E-asttle writing for term 3. I think that I did really well in the time that I had. I based the story like there was a news reporter in the room who was talking to these 3 guys. 
I hope that you enjoy my writing!

Ahh the forest, such a happy place, well at least we thought that. ‘This is our gang, Tim, Zach and Cayde’. ‘We are monster hunters’. ‘Have you ever seen that tv show where people hunt monsters’? ‘Well that is us’! ‘We have to change our names though for the show’. ‘But getting back to the point, this is the story of how scared we were and excited we were about going to this forest’.

‘It started like this: There was a complaint about something eating this guys chickens, so we decided to check it out. Tim drove us to the forest, (he is a really good driver), and we hopped out, well  ya know, like most people would if they were excited about going to an unknown forest’. ‘As soon as we got out fog started to surround us and everything started to get damp’.

‘It felt weird it was like something knew we where here and it wanted us’. ‘Zach being zach, was always excited about hunts when we discussed it at home but as soon as he got out of the truck, he was always talking about how he wanted to go home, and how this was such a bad idea’.

‘We started to walk into the forest’. ‘There was lots of loud creaking in the forest’. ‘So much at one point it made our camera man kyle jump and almost drop his camera’! ‘The night came over quick, and now we had split up and were lying in twigs or in Tim’s case, behind an old abandoned lodge’.

‘Then we heard something’. ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch’. ‘Something was definitely moving out there’. ‘There was a howl, then a groan’. ‘Zac had set traps before the sun went down’. ‘We heard a gate crash, then an angry bark, then whimpering’. ‘This was our chance’. ‘We all raced to the trap’.  ‘There was something in there’. ‘ I turned on my torch’.

‘Hey what’s this doing out here’!? ‘We had caught a pitbull’. ‘It was a little bit on the skinny side but it was healthy’. ‘Luckily Zach had brought a dog lead, and a collar, so we were set to get the dog out’. ‘I opened the cage and the dog stepped out and the dog jumped up at us’!

‘But unexpectedly it started licking our faces’. ‘We let it down and put the collar and lead on it’. ‘We walked back to the truck with the dog, went back to the house, fed the dog, and then went to sleep for the night’. ‘We then woke up and came here to tell you our story’. ‘Thankyou’.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cybersmart today is about...

Netiquette! Netiquette means internet etiquette.  So instead of opening doors for people, you are to be nice to every single person on the net. You never swear or talk disrespectfully online because you could get banned from whatever you are on or something could happen to you along those lines.
Here is a mindmup about the do's and dont's of Netiquette.