Thursday, 21 May 2015

Friday Sport Recount

Friday sport
At 11.45 Friday the 8th the year 5s to 8s were getting ready to go to Friday  sport. This was the first friday sport for the year. I was very excited and nervous.  This year we are not going to hagley park, we are now going to hornby high school. It is a lot smaller than hagley park but a lot more soccer teams are there.

It is now 12.15 and kauri and Rimu are boarding the bus. There is lots of chatter as we all leave school. Tim and Jack talked about princess Tim. I was looking out the window. It seemed like I was going home. But right at that moment the bus took a right turn and it all went away. We arrived at Hornby High School at 12.32. Our games didn't start until 1.15 so we arrived a bit early... But so did the other schools. There was  about 15 other schools there with us.
Well I guess we were with them! I got my soccer boots on. It was rather hard because they were too small for me. Then all of our teams met their coach.
Our coach is Maia. He is very nice. We set off to our Soccer field.  It was very big, plus we had a good view of the road. At that moment our rivals arrived. They are the SHS Bulldogs. I saw a lot of my old friends. My old teacher saw me and said "oh wow I can't believe it" and gave me a big hug. That was the moment that Maia said let's get ready on the field. So we got ready. I am not going to tell you about the  because it is too long. But I am going to tell you we won 1-0. Our next game was against west melton. This time it was a draw. 2-2.
Our next game was against the SHS bulldogs again. We won 3-1. Our last and final game was against templeton. We one 2-1. We never lost a game.

After the final game we packed up and went back to school.
Then I went home and had a shower.


  1. hi it is zach love your detail but add some more entresting words

  2. Great recount Cayde but next time you could put more punctuation in your

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  4. cayde this is excellent work. I could read it for half an hour because it is soooo long and there is so much detail.