Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Mysterious House

The Mysterious House

Chapter 1
This house has cobwebs with gigantic spiders all over it. It is spooky. Thunder is shooting out of the sky coming very close to it. This looks like a horror movie scene. By this house is a spooky graveyard. Is it haunted or not? Suddenly I hear screams inside. A black figure comes out of the door dragging two dead bodies with blood all over them away.

Chapter 2
So I try to open the gate that stands in the way… It makes a loud creak eeerrr!!!
The black figure then drops the bodies and looks around. He couldn’t see anything so he continued on his way. I opened the gate slowly and then slipped in.

Chapter 3
The path is crooked and broken. The grass is overgrown. The garden is full of weeds. Plus they are mossy. I get creeped out by the sound of the house creaking in the darkness.

Chapter 4
As I get closer I see blood on the windows. I can smell rich red blood. In the air I can taste blood and dead bodies. The smell is so rank.

Chapter 5

I touch the door handle, it is so very cold on this hot night. Can I go in, or should I stay out? There is cobwebs all over the door. Spiders are crawling to my hand. I am creeped out so I let go of the door handle.

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