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Front Cover: List all the thing you can see on the front cover. (On the front cover I can see …
A forest, An airplane, Water, what looks like a river, A boy, dim sky light, blue sky night.

Prediction: What do you think this story is going to be about? (I think that this story is going to be about … It is an survival story (P.S i am not looking on the back page). The boy walks Through rough terrain e.g water dense forest. And he uses a hatchet to do wonderful things.

Chapter 1:

1. In what country does this story take place? (This story happens in ….) Hampton, verginia  New York, Ameirica        √ Now you have got it!
2. Why was Brian (the boy) upset? (Brian was upset because ___) His parents had divorced and they had kept secrets from him.    
3. What did the pilot do that was nice? (The nice thing the pilot did was …._ let Brian fly the plane.    
4. Where are they flying to? (They are flying to ….) Brian's father's    
5. The pilot keeps rubbing his arm and farting. What do you think is wrong with him? (I think that the pilot is rubbing his arm and farting because….) he might have stomach pain or is suffering from discomfort    
6. What does Brian’s mother give him on the way to the airport? (Brian’s mother gives him a ….) hatchet    
7. What happens to the pilot? (The pilot ….) is having an heart attack    
8. Why did Brian say that he had ‘Stopped’? (Brian had ‘Stopped’ because ….) He could not think past what he saw, what he felt    √ Great answer, Cayde.

Chapter 2:

1. Predict what you think is going to happen in this chapter. (In Chapter 2 I think ….. ) Brian is going to crash and have to use his emergency pack to survive.    Interesting
2. How did Brian know what to do with the plane? (Brian knew what to do because ….) he had learnt from the pilot + he said it was easy.    
3. Use your dictionary to find the meaning for cowling (Cowling is ….)
The removable cover of an airplane engine.    
4. Why was the radio not working for Brian at first? (The radio was not working because ….)
he didn't know how to use it.    
5. Why did the radio stop working? (The radio stopped working because ….) it ran out of range    
6. Read pages 19 and 20. What did Brian decide to do when the plane ran out of petrol? (When the plane ran out of petrol, Brian decided he would ….) go to a lake and crash land.    
7. What did Brian do when the plane did run out of petrol? (When the plane ran out of petrol, Brian ….) flew to the nearest lake and crash landed into a small pond    Macintosh HD:Users:teacher:Desktop:YMS 2010:1. Clip Art:Weather:Weather:BAROMETE.gif

Macintosh HD:Users:teacher:Desktop:YMS 2010:1. Clip Art:New Zealand:Scenes:FOREST.gif

Chapter 3:

1. On page 21, Brian had a problem. What was it?? (Brian’s problem was ….) he needed a lake in front of him because he didn't want to make a turn.    
2. What animal did he see? (Brian saw a ____ at the edge of the lake) moose.    
3. Who was screaming when the plane landed? (___ was screaming when the plane landed) Brain    
4. How did Brian escape from the plane? (Brian escaped through the front window    
5. What happened to Brian at the end of the chapter? (At the end of the chapter, Brian was ….) he was sore and sad.      He was much more than this, Cayde.

Chapter 4:

1. What was ‘The Secret’? (The SECRET was that ….) his mum had set him up         X Read again and find the answer please Cayde.
2. What happened to Brian soon after the sun came up? (Soon after the sun came up all of the bugs come and ambushed him.     √ YUK!
3. What made it stop? Brian stopped because when the sun came fully up all of the bugs went away.     
4. What made it difficult for Brian to see? (It was hard for Brian to see because his eyes were swollen.     

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