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Hatchet 2

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1. Read pages 35 and 35. How is Brian feeling? (Brian is feeling thirsty and sick because he had drank lots of water and he was so thirsty that he drank as much as an elephant
2. Why did Brian jump when he said, “So”? What does this tell us? (Brian jumped because he knew his brain started working This tells us he is thinking     √ also because this was the forst time that he had heard his voice since he had landed.
3. Read to the end of page 36. Predict what you think Brian will do now. (I think that Brian will .
search for his dad     √ Very possible.
4. What made Brian suddenly feel hungry? (Brian felt hungry because ….) he was thinking about food and he reilized he didn’t have any.     
5. Brian thinks about his old English teacher, Mr Perpich. What was Mr Perpich always telling his students? How does this help Brian? (Brian’s old English teacher always told them to think positive Because of this, Brian looked in his pockets and found a few things he could use to help him.     √ This is a biot how you think, Cayde.
6. What is the best thing that Brian has? (The best thing Brian has is himself     
7. Read to the bottom of page 41. Why is this information important? (It is important that the pilot kicked the rudder control because brian couldn’t land the plane.          X Chat to me please.
8. What thought make Brian suddenly afraid? (Brian became afraid because ….) he knew that they would not come for a few days     
9. At the end of the chapter, Brian tells himself that he needs two things. What are they? (The two
things that Brian needs are shelter and something to eat)     

Chapter 6:

1. Brian builds a shelter. What made the place that he chooses? (His shelter was scooped out by a glacier)     
2. Explain how movies and TV shows have helped Brian so far? (Movies and TV shows have helped Brian by teaching him survival skills and how to survive in the wild.)     
3. What helped Brian find the berries? (Brian found the berries because the birds showed him the way.)     
4. What two reasons does Brian give for wanting to close in his shelter? (Brian wanted to close in his shelter to make it livable and safe )     
5. Do a quick sketch of Brian sitting in his shelter at the end of the chapter

Macintosh HD:Users:teacher:Desktop:YMS 2010:1. Clip Art:Animals - exotic:Animals - Exotic:GRIZB_NB.gifMacintosh HD:Users:teacher:Desktop:YMS 2010:1. Clip Art:Vegetation:Vegetation - Other:KIWIFRUI.gif

Chapter 7:

1. What is the reason that Brian called the berries ‘gut cherries’? (Brian called the berries ‘gut cherries’ because they make you very sick and spew.     
2. What frightened Brian? (Brian got frightened when he saw a bear     
3. Read to the end of page 59. What is the problem? What happens? (Brian’s problem is the bear and he thinks it might attack him     
4. What does this tell you about the bear? (This tells us that the bear it extremely hungry or is breeding close here     
5. Explain why Brian slept with the hatchet in his hand (Brian slept with the hatchet in his hand because so he was safe from the bear incase it attacked     

Chapter 8:

1. What attacked Brian that night? (Brian was attacked by a porkupine     
2. What happened when Brian threw his hatchet? How could this help him in the future? (When the axe hit the wall  This could help Brian because it would drive the porkupine away     X No. Something else happened that is very important in the story.
3. What is the most important rule of survival? (Bottom of page 67) (The most important rule of survival is feeling sorry for yourself diddent work.     Chat please.
4. How does the dream help Brian find out how to make fire? (The dream helped Brian find out how to make fire because it made him believe that he could do it and kind of showed him how     √ Dreams can save lives - like punctuation.

Chapter 9:

1. Read chapter 9. Write instructions for making fire. Draw a small picture and label all the things that Brian needed to make fire.
How Brian made fire

First, Brian needed to ….  
After that he ….
Then he ….
Finally, Brian ….


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