Tuesday, 24 May 2016

…The flame flickered and then went out…

One day I went exploring in a New Zealand cave in search of the native bats that live there. I brought a torch (Wooden torch) and a few matches with me so if my torch went out I had a last minute light if need be. Now I am 47 feet underground and it is starting to get cold. This is when I thought of my last minute resort. It was fire so I decided to use it. I had to use all my matches to light it so if it went out. I had it going for one minute then it happened. The flame flickered and then went out...


  1. I like how specific you've been with this challenge. 'A New Zealand cave' 'the native bats' - I wonder if you can be more specific...where exactly is this cave, which native bat? Keep up the great work Cayde!

  2. Hi cayde
    I like that you put lot's of describing words but which native bat?

    From Andrew

    1. Thanks for that comment. Answer long tailed bat