Saturday, 6 August 2016

Helen Taylor - Illustrator!

Rimu class was lucky enough to have an Author/ Illustrator (Helen Taylor) to come in and teach us how to make books and she also wanted us to do some drawing and this is my duck or is it a pukeko?
I think that she could of been more better at explaining by not taking very long breaks in between sentences and to be more 'child friendly'.

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  1. I find it interesting or duck or pukeko has eyelashes! Do birds have eyelashes? That would be interesting to find out! Do you think she was taking longer breaks in between sentences so Mrs Royfee could catch up and translate for Jorja? It's great to have everyone be able to get the same information at the same time isn't it? Well done on sharing this. What challenges did you face while drawing?

    Miss Blair :)