Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Point of view 'Wonder work'

Wonder First person point of view
Our task for writing  last week was to make a quick essay about what point of view we thought it was. We also has to find examples for quotes that we found in the text. We had to have 3 paragraphs excluding introduction and conclusions.

‘Wonder’ is a story about a boy who feels ordinary on the inside, but he is always reminded of how different he is by how people respond when they see him. This is R.J Palacio’s first novel and it is written in the first person.

The story is in first person view because in the story he says “I know I’m Not An Ordinary 10 Year Old Boy.”

I think it’s in first person view because the story says “I can’t say I didn’t always want to go to school because that wouldn't be exactly true.”

I think it is in first person view because he says “I want to wear my boba fett costume”.

In conclusion R.J palacio Wrote this story in first person and made it very very interesting.


  1. Well done Cayde! You're set this out really well and your examples are clear. Remember for next time, a new line every time the quote starts, (just like it is a new line when someone speak). Are you enjoying the book? Great effort.

    Miss Blair :)

  2. Welldone Cayde i like the way you kept the paragraphs short
    and sweet. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ..
    < tweek tweek

  3. Hi Cayde.I liked how your paragraphs were short. Would you change anything next time? Keep up the good work!

  4. Good work Cayde. It is great to see that you are finding examples in the text to prove your statements. This is a great skill to develop. May I suggest that you desist from writing everything in bold and then underlining it. I find this very hard to read. I look forward to finding out what you think of the book 'Wonder' as there are many people who love the book.