Friday, 26 February 2016

Cayde's Mihi Mihi

In the first two weeks of school, Rimu class learnt how to create and say our mihi in Māori. This is our introduction to our class and community. We also created a ‘visual mihimihi’ to match our mihis. It had three  parts to it:

  1. A self  portrait or photo
  2. place of significance
  3. Symbols or pictures that represent our culture

Those of us who spoke clearly, confidently with excellent pronunciation with  great visuals and layout scored well on our rubric.


  1. Ka Pai Cayde! It is great to hear you speaking so confidently about your heritage. I look forward to your next sound recording not having extraneous noise that detracts from your excellent speaking. I enjoyed your range of artwork and photos. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Cayde, I like your pronunciation and your images. Next time don't change the color of the writing.

  3. Hi Cayde, Well done I loved the Photos you have used.There were some strange sounds in the background which made it hard to hear at times. Im very proud of you. Love you