Thursday, 31 March 2016

William Pike Challenge Award

On Tuesday the 16th of March we were cooking for the William PIke Challenge Award. I had a good crew of Isaac Tim and me (and my mum). We made sushi with salmon and carrot in it and served it with soy sauce (my favorite) ginger and wasabi. The rest of the class got to make what they wanted to make.

This is what happened: We prepared our sushi for the big night ahead. When that was done we put it in the fridge. 3 hours later I took it out. tim said 'wow that looks good yum'. And it was. When we brought it out to william he thought it was from a shop. And he gave it 11 stars out of 10, which we thought was good.

In the end we went to the wharehui to make a start to the william pike challenge. He showed us an interesting video / slideshow that was telling us about what happened to his leg and encouraged us to do think that we want to do and never give up.

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  1. Yes your mum was very helpful as things were getting busy in the kitchen. I was amazed by William Pike's story and his drive to overcome adversity. What was the most inspiring aspect of his story for you Cayde? I look forward to your next blog post.