Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Speech: Riverwater and Water Pollution

This is my speech. It is about riverwater and the water pollution. It was a fun speech to write and I wish I had wrote a little more. But it was awesome! Here is my speech.

Hi I am Cayde. I am here today to tell you about river water and water pollution. Before I start I just want you to think. What do you think about Christchurch’s rivers? Do they have good or bad water quality? Usually, the first river that comes to your head is the Waimakariri.

It is Canterbury's most well known river. It is the freshest of fresh rivers. The water is clear and the fish taste good, (But that is if you manage to get one). There is almost no boat pollution because the water flows really fast and the sand filters clean it out. I would easily have a swim in this river. But what about the next river?

The selwyn river. That river is almost the complete opposite to the Waimakariri. The water is not very clear in most of it, not all parts of this river are bad but it has a reputation for having bad water quality. There is algae growing in the river, and I definitely wouldn’t want to eat the fish from that river. Plus the river has being slowly drying up for ages now.

According to with the high E.coli levels and toxic algae warnings, it is tough to find a safe spot to have a swim in the Selwyn river. They also said that the water quality grading of the Selwyn River at the Selwyn Huts has been very poor for years. That is pretty bad. C’mon guys I think we can do better.

There has been some talk of making canals from the waimakariri to the selwyn river. I think that that is a good idea. Because the river would have a flow and then the water quality would be much better meaning that I might just consider eating the fish from it. And maybe swimming will be an option. But there is still the job of removing the algae. It Should be fine.

I think it would be worth it because; well first  it would obviously stop the complaining from the locals. I mean jeez give the government a break, they deal with enough already. And I think that getting the selwyn river right will cost less to do then all of those Auckland things that they are doing. But hey, If we want to swim in the river, Improve the environment and catch some good fish, I think it’s money well spent. Thank you.

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  1. I like your speech what made you think to write about river water and water pollution? I agree with you because I think the waters need to be clean in NZ. From Jonathon in Te Mahuri