Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Rain Maker

Yesterday Rimu had the task of writing a Narrative story. We continued the story from a short film that we were watching ( the video down below ). The story was about the sea had dried up and a girl made a powder to make water when she found a cloud. We had to make a beginning, a middle and a end. The process I went through was: watching a section of the movie, planning, writing, proofreading, editing, and finally putting it on my blog. I hope that you like my story and remember to give my feedback please!

 The RainMaker
This is what used to be an ocean, now it is a big yellow desert. Maybe if you looked to your left you would see and aircraft carrier, and if you looked to your right you would see a submarine. Anyway I am here to restore the water to the sea. I have made a rain maker machine to help restore the water, but I need a cloud. So here I am, flying in a plane, looking for clouds.

I am flying around, searching for any signal of a cloud in the sky. I think that there is no hope and that I should stop what I am doing and quit. Then something catches my eye. The lighthouse is flashing, I follow the light gaze. I see it, a cloud. Wide awake, I get my machine ready to use and I head straight for the cloud.

Now I am almost at the cloud. My machine is ready. I fly through the cloud and deploy my machine. To my amazement, it works! The cloud expands and then it starts raining. What an amazing sight! After a while there is water covering the ground in the soon to be ocean. 1 week later the water in the sea is full, the boats are floating, and the rain cloud is receding. 5 years after this it seems like it never happened, everything is normal.

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