Thursday, 23 November 2017

My A&P Recount and Photo Story

First of all  we drove to the A&P show. My mum Shukoor, Zach,  Isaac and me  walked over to the food tent and we went through trying different foods and sauces. We met an awesome guy called the saucerer who gave us three different sauces to try. They went from sweet to a little hot to very hot. But they were all nice. When we finished he gave us his business card (which happened to be sauce). Then we tried some other foods and sauces and we left the food tent.

Next we went to see the dirt bikes.  We could hear them from a very long way away. They were as loud as a lion roaring.  It turns out that the majority of them were 2 strokes, so that’s why they were so loud!  After we looked at the dirt bikes, we moved on and we saw Ling and Zing from the block, we got a photo with them. After that we went and played the More FM mini golf. We got a pack of chips at the end. Then we headed to the horse track to meet with the other groups and ate lunch.

After that, we went and looked at the animals. There were Horses that were as tall as trees, Cows, Sheep, Roosters and Chickens. When we finished with the animals, we went and watched the wood chopping. It was super cool. After a couple of events they were taking a 10 minute break to set things up so we went and and looked for snow cones. We finally found a snow cone stall we ordered our cones and headed back to the wood chopping, watched the doubles and then went home. It was a really fun day.      

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