Thursday, 15 June 2017

E-asTTle Writing Test

This is my E-asTTle Writing Test for the term. It is a narrative story. About half of it is true and . the other half false. I like this story because it is based on my favorite place in the world and that I had fun writing it. Here is my story: 

I am almost there! I can’t wait, I am almost at the place I love the most. This place has the best views for miles and there is almost no one around because it is boat only access. This place is our family bach, for me it is the best place in the world. Happily, we got to the wharf (I was so excited that I was the first one to get off). I was back!

We got to the bach and unloaded the Moo (which is the nickname of 4 wheel drive truck that we had put up there a few years ago). After that had happened I went out into the bay in  the kayaks. It was really fun. I saw sharks and even some stingrays! When I got back we went out fishing. We were out for a few hours. Then I heard a whisper saying: come back something has happened. I looked around but no one was there except my family.  I said to my dad that we better get back to the bay because I think something has happened.

When we got to the bay we could see what had happened. The boat had suddenly been hung up to the wharf and only a little of it was in the water the rest of it was dangling in the air. The owners of a fancy bach was waiting there. They said that if we cut it the back of the boat would be snapped off. Then I remembered the whisper. I wondered how I heard it and how it was right. I was standing still in terror trying to figure out why it happened. I was really scared.

But hope was still alive for the boat because we had put a rope around a pole and then my uncle put the throttle almost all the way down on his boat, tugging at the opposite end of the boat and then  my dad cut the rope. It had worked! The boat was fine. It only had a bent pole and hook but it was alright and that was the main thing.

Later that night we put the boat out to sea to a mooring and swam back to shore. We walked back to the bach and looked out to the bay. The sunset view was amazing. I could not get over it. I went to sleep and had an awesome dream...

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