Wednesday, 14 June 2017

About Me

This is my about me blog post.
It tells you roughly what I like and do.
My favorite thing on this is motorbiking. It is my all time favorite thing to do.
I am trying to get into photography. Just saying, that is my photo on the bottom left!


  1. Hi my name is kingston.I go to owairaka primary school.Your drwing looks awsome! By the way i dont think its a drawing just saying.Good work i hope you put lots of comments by the end of the

    1. Hi Kingston,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      Maybe next time review your comment because there is a few spelling mistakes.
      And by drawing I suspect you mean google drawing which this is.
      Have fun and please, check you spelling next time:-)

  2. Hi Cayde, my name is Kaedun from St.Bernadette's School Hornby and I would like to say wow you have some same hobbies as me I like motorbiking and I like Rugby. I think you should make some of the colors darker because it is kind of hard to see. I think you did an amazing job of setting it out. I hope I can see more of your Work.

    1. Hi Kaedun,

      Thankyou for commenting on my blog, like seeing other motorbikers around places. Rugby is a good sport aye!
      My Motorbiking Youtube Channel is: