Monday, 14 November 2016


For the past 6 weeks this term, Rimu class has been using the Prototec maths site to practice our basic facts and times tables and more!  Prototec records how you are going at maths and your scores are out of 40. Prototec is a maths site that teaches you maths and you can work at  your own level / stage so it is not too hard or to easy for you. You can either have a timed test or a sheet that is not timed. And you learn heaps also it really tests your brain. The link for the site is here.


  1. How wonderful to see that you are looking at different ways to learn and reinforce your basic facts knowledge. Have you considered ways that you use basic facts in your everyday life? For instance; if you brought the principal an apple 5 times a week for 8 weeks and each apple had four pips - How many apple trees could the principal possibly grow?

    I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Hi Cayde,
    I like how in your blog post what you have been practising on prototec. We also use prototec. We use it once a day. How often does your class use prototec? Your bar graph is really clear and easy to read. Well done!

    Please check out my blog!

    -Kind Regards,