Friday, 4 November 2016

My Easttle Writing for this term

The Easttle writing test is my favorite writing test of the term. This term I wrote about my trip to the Pelorus Sounds at the start of the year. I usually struggle with the time limit of 40 minutes but I think I did well.  I hope you like my writing.

Pelorus sounds fishing trip

In February my family and I went to the Pelorus Sounds. On the way there, because the water was so calm, I got to drive the family boat. It was fun having to dodge all of the logs that were in the water. But it was easy because all I had to do was follow Cam’s boat ( my uncle).  It is boat only access going to the bach. When we got to the bach well known as the ‘woolshed’ we unpacked and got ready to go fishing. The bach has 14 beds and 5 of which are either double or king sized beds. After we unpacked we went fishing and caught around 7 blue cod and had a good feed for the first night.

The next day I got my canoe out and had a few races with Richie and my cousin. I won because I have the only racing canoe. When I got back to shore I was greeted by my dad and then got my canoe flipped into the water while I was still in the canoe. The water wasn’t cold but it was fresh, really fresh. I went back to the shed and got the dinghy out and rowed the dinghy to the wharf and went fishing with Brodie and bailey (my cousin). We caught 2 fish. One was a spotty and the other was a blue cod, too small to keep.

Later on that day we went fishing again and went ‘drift fishing’ for gurnard. From what I can remember we caught 3. But it was fun. Then it was dark and we ‘smoked’ some blue cod and had another good feed.

In the morning my cousin got out his b.b gun and we shot a possum and shot a few birds and eagleray. Then it was time to pack up again and go home. It felt like a long time heading back, but we got back and that is the good thing. Overall it was a good weekend and I would be happy to do that again anytime!

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  1. Well, well. Not only a poster about Pelorus but now writing on the same subject. I would be very interested to know what the difference in water temperature is between 'cold' and 'realy fresh'. I suspect there may not be much of a difference.

    I look forward to your next blog post.