Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Term Reflect

This term was a good term. We had a few class trips like sailing and low rope-high ropes and a few in school suprises like Jamie Duff coming to school. I really liked this term and I can’t wait for next term.

One highlight for me would probably the sailing because it was new to me and I thought that I did a good job at it.
Another highlight would probably be the Student Council forum at rawhiti school. Almost every time I go anywhere out of school I break a bone or do something along the lines of that. At rawhiti they had a new bike track. The bike where new but some of the chains where loose. I was on a bike where the chain was loose and  my leg absolutely smashed the frame of the bike when the chain was coming off. It hurt really bad!
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So overall I think that this term was really good and I can’t wait for next term.

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