Monday, 12 December 2016

Final Blog Post, Highlights of the Year

It has been 1 year already! only 1 day to go till the end of term. I have had lots of good times with this class. It is sad this year because Miss Blair is leaving, so then she can't be my teacher next year which is sad.

Highlights of the year.

The best part of this year would have to be Arthur's Pass camp. It was a good camp with walks that was fun, at least I thought they were good. The FOOD was good because it was mostly unhealthy food. Good for me and most of the boys. I have a few photos for this.

Have a good year and stay safe in the school holidays!

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  1. Cayde: Well done for all of the contributions you have made to YMS this year. It is great to see you trying new and varied experiences with a positive growth mindset. Have a happy holiday!