Monday, 16 November 2015

New class tadpoles


These are our Brown Australian Tree frog tadpoles
I bought them in to our class today and they are loving it.
We have 14 tadpoles in our tank there and 3 should at least have there back legs before the end of term.
They are really cool to watch and they will amaze you on what they can do.
They are really small with the smallest being 1.27 cm and the biggest being 4.78 cm.
They will have a good time in the amazing Kauri class.


  1. Wow - where did you get those from? Do you still have them? What kind of things can they do? Great to read this information about it Cayde! I have never seen them before.

    Miss Blair :)

    1. I got these tadpoles from my nana's pond at her farm. These tadpoles are now frogs and are living at our house at our pond. These frogs only get to 5 centimeters long but you can here them from at least 100 meters from you.
      And they are Brown Austrlian Tree Frogs